The Man Plan Week 3

Here is week three of “The Man Plan”.

Give your guy a little down time after work – Many of us have a tendency to meet our husbands at the door with a list of to-dos, issues, and questions.  But maybe he would rather have a few minutes to change out of his work clothes, wrestle with the kids, or sit down and talk to you.  Be conscious of what he wants this transitional time to look like.  Yes, this sounds a little June Cleaver, but having everyone in a good mood will set you up for a great evening.

Brag about your man – Tell someone something great about your guy.  This could be something that he recently did or a quality that you admire in him.  Score extra points by telling him what you said and to whom you said it.  It is okay to be proud of your guy and brag on him every now and then…there are reasons why you are still with him, after all.  Avoid bashing him, even when friends are saying some not-so-nice things about their own husbands.  Everyone should have a chance to vent, but don’t join in just to make conversation.

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