Ball Workout Trio


The exercise ball is a great workout tool that can add endless variety to your workout routine.  The following trio includes an exercise for the upper body, lower body and abdominal muscles as well.

To maximize the benefits of this workout, do 30 repetitions of each exercise and complete the trio for 3 sets.


#1 Tricep Extension

Begin with a tricep extension.  Hold the ball with the palms of your hands overhead – arms extended…..

…..Bend at the elbows, reaching for your shoulder blades (see next photo).  Extend arms and repeat.

              # 2  Abdominal Tuck

Position yourself with your thighs on the ball and your arms planted on the ground in front of you.  Using your abs and maintaining a straight back, tuck your knees toward your chest. Return legs to starting position and repeat.

# 3 Leg Extension

Lying flat on your back, bend your knees and squeeze the ball with both legs.  Extend your knees, lifting your feet toward the ceiling.  Repeat.

Stay fit friends!!

The Front Porch Workout

Okay, if it has not occurred to you that swimsuit season is coming, we are about a month away!

Here is a fun way to fit in fitness while you enjoy the outdoors.  This workout keeps you close to home and requires minimal equipment.

The Front Porch Workout can be easily modified for indoors.  Sorry, now you can’t use rain as an excuse not to exercise.


All you need is a set of dumbells (a 5 lbs set is usually a great weight to start), appropriate clothes you can exercise in (designer labels – not necessary), and a step (you know, like the one on your front porch)

This workout is about 30 minutes long – Get Up, Get Out, Get Moving, EXERCISE!!!

5 Minute Walk – Start with a 5 minute very brisk walk (or jog) around your driveway or house.  End your walk back at your front porch. Face your front porch.

30 Shoulder Presses – Hold one dumbell in each hand.  Alternate right and left toe-taps on the step rhythmically.  When your foot taps the step, press the dumbells to the sky.  When the foot returns to the ground, lower the dumbells.  Repeat for 30 reps alternating feet.

2 Minute Jumping Jacks - You get this one , right?

Squats - Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and the dumbells on your shoulders.  Squat back with you weight on your heels.  Picture yourself in a portable toilet trying NOT to get pee on your shoes.  There!  Perfect!

5 minute Walk - Same as above

15 Time Crunchers -  Facing the step, do one jumping jack followed by a push up on the step.  Repeat 15 times.

30 overhead Triceps Presses - Hold the dumbell firmly in one hand and with your elbow pointed toward the sky, reach your hand toward your shoulder blade and then extend your hand toward the sky.  Repeat 30 reps.

20 Lunges with Biceps Curls - Place one foot on the step and the other leg extended to the back.  Hold dumbells in hands.  Bend both knees, lowering the back knee toward the ground.  As you lower down, curl dumbells toward your chest.  Repeat 20 times and then switch sides.

2 Minute Jumping Jacks

2 Minute Cool Down Walk.

You may add as many bouts of walking as you would like to increase the duration of your Front Porch Workout.  Stay Healthy!