Thrill, Fill and Spill – Arranging the Most Beautiful Planters

We certainly would not consider ourselves master gardeners, but here is a super easy 3-step system for creating unforgettable planters that makes your yard look as though you have TWO green thumbs.

Start with your Thriller.  This plant offers height to your arrangement.  Some of our favorites include spike plants, tall ornamental grasses, summer snap dragons and elephant ears.

Next, add your Filler.  These full-bodied plants are the primary source of color in your pots.  We love the look of such popular plants as coleus, impatiens, geraniums, phlox, and lantana.

Last but not least, your Spiller.  Give your arrangement a little length and a lot of charm by adding a plant that will fall beyond the rim of your planter.  Some of the most commonly chosen Spillers include ivy, bacopa, sweet potato vine, and vincas.