Shirt and Sweet

Happy Father’s Day!

With this “tie-themed” Father’s Day the kids donned ties and made Daddy a card professing that, “When it comes to Great Dads, he has the job all ‘tied up’!”

(Okay, don’t laugh at this pic – it is impossible to get every shot of these four perfect, but their Daddy loves these faces no matter what!)

Make this adorable shirt and tie cake to fit a dad of any size.

You will need:

  • 13×9 cake of your choice, prepared and cooled
  • white frosting (homemade or the canned variety)
  • decorating icing in contrasting color (in the tube)
  • colorful candies for the tie (you could really use any type of candy or icing to decorate…get creative!)
  • shirt box with colorful tissue

Frost the cake with white frosting.  We recommend then putting the cake on a board of some type (we wrapped a piece of cardboard in aluminum foil) to make for an easier transfer to the shirt box lined with tissue paper.  Then decorate the cake with contrasting icing and candies of your choice.  We eye-balled where to draw the collar, tie, and pocket.  Then we filled in our tie with M&Ms for a striped tie effect.

Cute right?

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