Sweet N Salty Toffee

I love the combination of sweetness and saltiness and that is why I am capable (and guilty) of making myself sick with this toffee recipe.  There are different versions of this type of dessert, but this in mine.Sweet N Salty Toffee treat 2Ingredients:

  • 1 sleeve of saltines (or however many saltines you need to cover your cookie sheet
  • 2 sticks of butter
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 12 oz chocolate chips

Line 9×13 cookie sheet with saltines. Sweet N Salty Toffee crackersBring butter and brown sugar to a full boil and boil for 5 minutes.  Pour boiling mixture over crackers and bake in oven for 7 minutes at 400 degrees. Sweet N Salty Toffee bakingRemove cookie sheet from oven and pour chocolate chips on top.  Spread evenly as the chips melt. Sweet N Salty Toffee chocolate After toffee cools a bit, break into pieces.Sweet N Salty Toffee broken piecesEnjoy!

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