S’mores Salad

If you thought this recipe had anything green in it, think again.  Periodically I have my kids come up with their own recipes for dinner and dessert.  When my son Grant asked if he could prepare dessert one evening, the S’mores Salad was born.  It was such a hit at our house I used it at Girl Scout camp.  The kids loved it and the adults raved about it.S'mores Salad 3


  • Golden Grahams Cereal
  • Milk Chocolate Chips
  • Mini Marshmallows

Dining In – Assemble the ingredients in individual oven safe (or microwave safe) bowls and heat until the chips start to melt a little.

Dining Out – At camp, the campers layered the ingredients in plastic cups and let them rest in the sun.  After lunch each cup had transformed into its own gooey-goodness.S'mores Salad 1

S'mores Salad  2S'mores Salad 5

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