Shabby Cabinet Make-Over

Our neighbors were getting rid of this unique cabinet and we were delighted to take it off their hands.  I loved its “bones”, but wanted to give it a little make-over that would make it our own.Cabinet Make-over beforeCabinet Make-over 2With the guidance of our friend Lisa Gillespie (an interior decorator with all the tricks of the trade we were looking to learn), Holly and I painted and distressed a couple of basement treasures.  Bonus:  Lisa brought her tools so we didn’t have to use our husband’s tools.Cabinet Make-over suppliesFirst, I removed knobs.  Then, using a fine grit sand paper (anything 220 or higher works) I gave the furniture a gentle sanding.  Cabinet Make-over sanding After the sanding I wiped the dust away and began to paint.  I used Valspar Super Flat Interior Paint in Fish Story.Cabinet Make-over paintingTip: While painting, if you have put it on too thick, dip your brush in a little water and pull your brush through the thick spots.  Allow paint to dry.

To created the distressed look, I used Valspar Antiquing Glaze in black.  Lisa had me use a paint pan with a few drops of water in it.  She poured a little of the glaze in it for me.  Light, long brush strokes were perfect for creating age streaks.  Once the glaze dried I set to work using a rougher sand paper.  Going with the grain I sanded the painted and glazed piece until I was happy with my distressing marks.Cabinet Make-over close up 3

Cabinet Make-over close up 2I waxed the cabinet with Minwax Finishing Wax and added some new hardware to class it up.

Tip:  Whether you are sanding, painting, glazing or waxing, GO WITH THE GRAIN!Cabinet Make-over close up 1Cabinet Make-over 1



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