Scuba Diver Eggs

Give your Easter eggs their own scuba gear with this adorable idea.  Egg - Scuba Diver 2Ingredients:

  • hard boiled eggs (or you can use plastic eggs and skip the dyeing)
  • egg dye (not needed if you are using plastic eggs)
  • “bendy” straws
  • rubber bands
  • foam
  • water bottle caps
  • 3/4″ round label stickers
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

Egg- Scuba Diver

Dye the lower half of the egg desired color (if you are using plastic eggs, mix the tops and bottoms for a better look).  Using the foam, cut out silly feet shapes for each egg.  Place rubber band at the top of the dyed part of the egg.  Cut bendy straws to desired length.  Place label on the cap and add eyes.  Hot glue the straw to the side of the egg.  Hot glue the feet to the bottom and finally hot glue the cap to the front.  Now your egg is ready for diving.  Cute right?!

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