Ribbon Wreath

This cute fall wreath was a cinch to make and can be adapted for any décor or occasion. Fall Ribbon Wreath done I was lucky enough to hit the bargain bin and score tons of ribbon for $1 or $2 per spool.  I spent $40 total on 2 wreath forms, a premade burlap flower embellishment, and enough ribbon to make at least 2 wreaths.  Wreaths like these are selling on Etsy for upwards of $65 dollars each!Fall Ribbon Wreath supplies


  • wire wreath form (mine was 14.5 inches)
  • approximately 26 yards of assorted ribbon (depending on ribbon and wreath width)

To Make:

I cut my assorted ribbon into 12 inch lengths.  I used 76 12-inch strips to cover my wreath.  I simply tied the ribbon around the wreath form, alternating colors, widths, etc.  Fall Ribbon Wreath processI affixed the premade burlap flower and used additional ribbon to hang the wreath.  Fall Ribbon Wreath Close upIt really was that easy!  And it took no more than 1 hour.Fall Ribbon Wreath outside


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