Revive a Planter

After planting all we could in my standard pots (I always have two on my front porch and 3 on the back patio) I found myself with a few scraggly plants leftover.  Not wanting to throw them out, the kids and I went fishing around the back of the shed.  Emily spotted a few old pots looking more like candidates for the recycling bin than vessels suitable for a centerpiece.  TOTAL COST OF THE PROJECT – $0.00!!Revive a Planter 1I grabbed the bowl-shaped one and using some old spray paint that I had in the basement,  I breathed at least one more year of life into an old planter.  And, I didn’t let any flowers go to waste.Revive a Planter 2First I cleaned the pot with soap and water and let in dry in the sun.  Then, I sprayed 3 very light coats of spray paint onto the pot. Revive a Planter 3Once the paint was dry, I filled it with some potting soil and the last remaining plants I had and voila!Revive a Planter 4 - beautifulLet nothing go to waste if you can give it a little TLC!

Check out the frame I sprayed a couple of years ago with the same can of spray paint, turning it from drab to fab!

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