Recycled Christmas Card Ornaments

Recycled Christmas Card ornaments 2Every year after Christmas I feel guilty about throwing away all those beautiful Christmas cards.  Here is a craft that will help relieve some of that guilt.  You can make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments with a few items, a little know-how, and your old Christmas cards.Materials:

  • old Christmas cards
  • large hole punch (mine is 2 inches; the larger the punch, the larger the ornament)
  • pencil
  • ruler or straight-edge
  • scissors
  • craft glue or hot glue gun
  • string, wire, yarn, or some other means to hang the ornament


Begin by punching circles from your Christmas cards.  You will need 20 for each ornament, regardless of size.  Make one extra to be your pattern (see below).

Now you have to make an equilateral triangle on the back of one of the circles.  If you are a geometry whiz, you may know exactly how to do this.  I found that folding the circle to make an even triangle was what worked for me.  This is the hardest part, I promise!  Now cut off the three sides of the circle, and you have your pattern.

Trace the triangle on the back of each circle.  Now fold each circle along the lines so that you are folding the picture toward itself to make 3 “flaps” on each circle.

You are now ready for assembly.  The top and bottom of the ornament are each formed by gluing 5 triangles together.  They should form a kind of dome shape.  The middle of the ornament is made by gluing 10 triangles together to form a straight band.  To do this you will have to arrange them point up, point down, point up, etc.

Now you have 3 pieces that need to be glued together.  Simply match up the flaps to assemble the entire ornament.Recycled Christmas Card ornaments

If you start now, you can have all your teacher gifts, neighbor gifts, etc. done before next Christmas season rolls around.


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