Planting Succulents

 Succulents 1

In most areas of the country, the planting season is coming to a close.  But you can always bring some life inside with indoor plants.  Succulents are a great choice because they require little watering.  In fact, letting the soil get a little dry between waterings is actually better than too much water.  Most succulents thrive on indirect sunlight.Succulents supplies

You Will Need:

  • fast-draining soil mix
  • assorted succulents
  • rocks for decoration and drainage
  • assorted containers (shallow bowls, glasses, etc.)


First, put a layer of rocks or gravel in the bottom of your container.  This will help with drainage and keep the roots from staying too wet. Succulents step 1 Then add a layer of soil.  Add your succulents however you would like.  It is okay to bunch them up or spread them out a little.  Succulents step 2Fill in wherever you would like with some decorative rocks.  You could also use sea glass, marbles, or any other medium.Succulents step 3

Several containers clustered together are a nice arrangement, or you may want to have a single container scattered hear and there around a room. Succulents done Don’t forget to water!

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