Old Fashioned Backyard Games

The idea of hanging out with our neighbors for the evening made us think of the good ol’ days when there were no video games, cell phones, or iPads to distract us (or the kids).  So unplug and get back to the basics with these fun games sure to put a smile on every kid’s face, big or small.

1.  Scarf Tag – Give each player two scarves (if you don’t have scarves like these you can use old socks) and instruct the players to tuck them into their waistbands.  Have the players spread out in the yard.  When you say “Go”, players run around trying to get scarves from other players. Once a player has no scarves, he or she is “frozen”.  Players that have more than one scarf can unfreeze the frozen player.  There is no winner in this game, therefore the game is over when the players get all tuckered out.

2.  Sack Race – You can buy sacks made for this game, but we just used old pillow cases.  Have players slip both legs into a pillow case and jump toward the finish line for victory.

3.  Three-legged Race – Have players grab a partner and then tie the left leg of one to the right leg of the other.  When playing this classic game, teamwork is a must if you want to cross the finish line upright.

4.  Wheelbarrow Race – Okay, grab a partner but don’t do-si-do.  One player is the farmer and the other is the wheelbarrow.  Try to get your team to cross the finish line first.

This backyard fun was followed by Old Fashioned Root Beer Floats as part of our National Night Out celebration.

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