National Tug of War Day AND National Junk Food Day

You can always find cool stuff to do with your kids by surfing the web.  According to the internet, every day is a potential holiday.  During a recent search, we discovered that National Tug of War Day and National Junk Food Day just happen to be July 21st!!Okay, these may not be recognized as national holidays and it is not likely that you will find them on your calendar, but they sounded like fun to us.  Here is how we celebrated with our families.

Using a $3.99 rope from the hardware store we tied enough looped handles for each kiddo.  We divided the kids into two teams.  We used one of Evie’s flip flops in lieu of a scarf to mark the center of the rope.

Our junk food spread consisted of mini Oreos, Doritos, Skittles, Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, and mini Chips Ahoy.  It didn’t last long.

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