Lollipops Petal Valentines

Arrange these in a tiny vase or personalize each one for the children in your little one’s class.  Minimal materials and inexpensive sweet treats make this a fantastic option for spreading a little love on Valentine’s Day.Supplies

  • DumDum Lollipops
  • construction paper or printed scrapbooking paper
  • a heart stencil (or just wing it!)
  • small hole punch
  • scissors

Trace and cut out 4 hearts per flower.  Fold each heart in half and make a crease.  Line up the points of the hearts and punch a hole through all four hearts.  Slide the lollipop through the holes.  Depending on the size of your hole, you may or may not need to use a little tape on the back on the petals to keep them from slipping around. If you are serving these to a group, they also look adorable displayed on styrofoam wrapped in coordinating paper.

Happy LOVE Day!!

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