Journals That Treasure Life

Keeping a journal is a beautiful way to have a little privacy, open the doors of communication and  preserve memories. Here are a few of our family favorites.  Check out the step by step “how to” on covering your journal at the end of this post.  This is not a must – it is what is IN the journal that counts!

The “Thank you God…” Journal

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17

We feel overwhelmingly blessed to have the lives that we do.  Like many busy moms, our prayers at the end of the day often go like this, “Dear God, Thank you for….zzzzzzzzzz.”  And just like that, we are sound asleep.

Take a minute each day to record the things for which you are grateful in your “Thank you God Journal”.  God blesses us everyday, it’s up to us to notice.

Mary’s  Thank You God entry on April 23 – Thank you God for the rain today. Soccer was cancelled and the six of us laughed ’til our bellies hurt playing charades.  Gavin acting out bicycle was the best!

The “Just Between Us Girls” Journal

Our time with our children is precious.  I love the letters recorded in the “Just Between Us Girls” journal.  My 8 year old and 6 year old and I take turns writing notes and leaving the journal for each other to read.

Sometimes the entries are funny and sometimes they are an adorable confession (i.e. Dear Mommy, I am sorry that I wiped my nose on your bed spread.  I hope the boogers wash out. Love, Elaina).

I use it as an opportunity to offer praise and encouragement.  They also love it when I include a story about me when I was little.  Such a train of communication builds unbreakable relationships with a deep sense of trust.


The “Sticker Stash” Journal

Whether it is at the doctor’s office, the county fair or Pre-k, kids are praised and rewarded with stickers large and small.

Create a “Sticker Stash” Journal as a docking station for your little one to display his sticker collection.  This not only makes a nice sticker preserve, it also keeps the stickers off of their clothes, the furniture, the walls, etc.

Each of our Pre-k boys, Grant and Cole love to rush in the house after school and proudly adhere the day’s sticker in their journals.  Grant loves his so much that after his 5 year old check up, he not only put the sticker he received from the visit in his book, he also stuck his band-aid in there!  You gotta love ‘em!

Covering Your Journal Is Easy

1.  You will need a composition book, double-sided tape, decorative paper (wrapping paper and newspaper are adorable options as well), and a few cutting tools (scissors, utility knife and a paper slicer) and a cutting surface/board.  If you don’t have a utility knife or paper cutter, you can manage with a sharp pair of scissors.

2.  Cover the perimeter of the front with double-sided tape and stick several strips of the tape throughout the center of the cover.

3.  Place the journal face-down on the desired paper making sure to wrap some around the spine.  Repeat this process on the back of the journal.  We used 2 coordinating pieces of paper and overlapped them.  However, you can use 1 large single sheet.  You can trim your paper with the paper cutter if needed.

4.  Using a utility knife, trim around the edge of the journal leaving a smooth, finished edge.

5.  Attach a label if desired.

Write On!

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