Gift Card Holder

My niece wanted help putting together a fun basket for displaying several gift cards she bought for a friend.  She wanted all of her money to go into the gift cards and NOT the wrapping.  With a few items from around the house this is what I came up with.Gift Card Bouquet close up

Using some foam from a swimming kick board, I made a bed in the bottom of a $1 Store bin to hold several skewers. Grift Card Bouquet prep 1

I had mismatched straws and mini cupcake wrappers that I used to complete the look of “flowers in a garden”.  The flowers?  I just used a flower-shaped cookie cutter as a template on printed paper.  Gift Card Bouquet prep 2

I assembled as shown below.  I used tissue paper to cover the foam and taped the gift cards to the stems.  Gift Card Bouquet

Pretty cute!


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