Fun & Fancy Flip Flops for under $2

This flip-flop makeover is so inexpensive and easy to do you may just find yourself making them for every little girl on the block.

In keeping with our zest for everything thrifty, these flip-flops were purchased at the dollar store for…. you guessed it – $1.00!!!  The bag of 100 ct water balloons were also $1.  FYI, 100 balloons is enough for 4 pairs of these oh-so-cute flip-flops!

Here’s how to make your own:

Tie (with a double tie) water balloons along the thong of each flip-flop.  The ones our girls are wearing have 12-14 balloons per flip-flop.  More balloons = fuller look.

Yeah, we know what you are thinking – “Is that really it???”

Yup, that’s really it.  Enjoy!


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