Freshen Up Your Make-up

Most of us buy a few new cosmetics here and there, but we forget about throwing away the old stuff.  Old may mean out of date, ugly, or just plain yucky!  Purge your make-up bag and only keep the essentials.z197365490[1]When it comes to cold and flu germs, germiphobes we are not.  But the bacteria living in your cosmetics are a different story.  We may not stick strictly to this, but here are some shelf life guidelines for opened cosmetics.

  • 2 months:  mascara
  • 6-9 months:  moisturizer with SPF, liquid eyeliner, and BB cream
  • 1 year:  foundation, moisturizer without SPF, concealer, cream blush, eye pencil, lip liner
  • 12-18 months:  lipstick, powder, bronzer, eye shadow
  • 2 years:  nail polish35-travel-makeup-bags[1]So while you’re doing your spring cleaning, don’t forget to freshen up your make-up!

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