Family Time Capsule

I have always wanted to do a time capsule as a family and FINALLY we did it!  Rather than commemorate large quantities of the world’s events, I chose to have my family reflect on 2013 as it affected our house of seven.Famiy Time CapsuleI used an aluminum cylinder with a lid (it was a Pepperidge Farm pirouette cookies can), wrapped it in printed paper, gave it a couple of labels and donned it with a bow.  Inside were some of our top pics for our family’s year as well as some things I thought would be fun to review in 10 years. It seems like a long way away, but something tells me it will be here before we know it.

Here are a few things we included:

  • Each child’s “signature” and what they each think they will be doing in 10 years.  That’s gonna be fun to look at.
  • A plastic mustache
  • A Rainbow Loom bracelet
  • A picture of all of us in the hospital when Elizabeth was born
  • A paint brush and paint swatch (we had our whole house painted and it took ALL SUMMER!)
  • A picture of Baby George and the young royal family  (the little prince was a big deal in our house since we had a baby this summer too)
  • A Spain flag (our good friends moved there in 2013 and we miss them)
  • + more.

Oh yeah, and printed duck tape was used to seal it up – NO PEEKING!!Family Time Capsule lidHave fun making your own family time capsule and be sure to comment and share your thoughts and ideas.

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