Double-Duty Baby Products

Baby products aren’t only for those with little ones under their feet.  Here are some alternate uses for them even if you’re not a new mom.6a00e552792fa28833011168a4ef88970c-pi[1]

  • Desitin:  Can be used as a treatment for sand rash while at the beach or chafing from sports.
  • Baby Oil:  Great as eye make-up remover, as well as removing sticker goo from hard surfaces.
  • Baby Wipes:  Fabulous for general cleaning (we’re not embarrassed to say that we’ve cleaned anywhere from furniture surfaces and bathroom counters to carpets and dashboards with these little gems).
  • Baby Wash:  Great smelling body wash for bathers of all ages.
  • Baby Shampoo:  When diluted in water, this makes for a safe eye-wash.
  • Wipes Boxes:  Upcycle these to make handy containers for decks of cards, puzzles, linen closet items, and many other odds and ends.
  • Cloth Diapers:  These make super-absorbent and gentle dustrags and car chamois.
  • Disposable Diapers:  These are a great addition to a first aid kit because of their absorbency.
  • Receiving Blankets:  The soft flannel blankets make lovely drawer liners.
  • Dreft Detergent:  This gentle detergent is good for anyone with allergies.

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