DIY Gumball Machine

We recently did this cute craft at our MOPS group.  It is simple, adorable, and can be adapted for any holiday or occasion.Gumball Machine 1

Supplies: Gumball Machine supplies

  • small terra cotta pot
  • small terra cotta saucer
  • round glass vase/bowl
  • wooden knob
  • spray paint in your choice of color
  • glue gun


Spray paint the saucer, pot, and knob with paint of your choice.  (You can use regular paint, too, but spray paint is just quicker!)  Allow time to dry.  Turn the pot upside down and, using the glue gun, secure it to the glass bowl.  Now, affix the knob to the bottom of the saucer.  This will be your lid.  Fill with your favorite candy and top the glass bowl with the lid.Gumball Machine close upGumball Machine 2

Changing the candy can turn this into a seasonal decoration and adjusting the size can make this craft suit your needs.Gumball Machine Halloween close upGumball Machine Halloween

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