DIY Chalkboards using unwanted artwork

I (Mary) have had these prints forever and never liked them.  A light sanding and a little paint (borrowed from Holly, of course) turned them into something I now LOVE!

Here is the original artwork. If you have old artwork you are about to donate to charity or pitch, consider this easy facelift.

  • Step One – lightly sand, if necessary
  • Step Two – cover artwork with newspaper and paint the frame (these were painted with spray paint)
  • Step Three – remove newspaper and apply chalkboard paint to the artwork

Once the paint has dried, you can leave your thoughts any where you like.

 Check out all the ways to use your new chalkboard…..

As a message board

As a tray

As a welcome sign

As decorAs a menu

These are just a few ideas.

Leave a comment telling us how you used your re-purposed artwork.

3 thoughts on “DIY Chalkboards using unwanted artwork

  1. A chalkboard wall would be pretty cool for your school room And they make chalk holders so you don’t have to touch the chalk. Or liquid chalk markers that look and work the exact same way as regular chalk all in a pen! I’m sure they carry them at any craft store. No excuses now!

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