Colorful Laundry Solution

For years I managed with a single laundry hamper for the entire family.  However, now that our family is larger our hamper appears to be throwing up the laundry instead of containing it after only two days worth of clothes.  Since I was in the market for additional receptacles, I decided to make sorting a game for the entire family. Colorful Laundry Solution four baskets

Colorful Laundry Solution problem


Colorful Laundry Solution close up


Using labels made on the computer and a variety of paint swatches from Lowes, I was able to make laundry hampers that provided additional space for dirty clothes as well as a fool-proof way to ensure even the littlest family member can sort the items.I don’t know if this will make laundry more fun for you, but it may make it a little easier and that’s fun!!

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