Chic Chicken Coop Table

I came across this old chicken coop at an antique store/junk shop.  I immediately knew I wanted to turn it into a coffee table.  My husband was okay with this, as long as it didn’t go in our house.  He thinks we have enough (maybe too much) furniture.Chic Chicken Coop Table 1But I could not stop thinking about.  So, my back-up plan turned out to be even better.  My sister and her husband both work in the poultry industry AND they just bought a new house.  Instant (and very appropriate) housewarming gift!Chic Chicken Coop Table 3

Chic Chicken Coop Table 2I purchased the coop, casters, and some little clear self-adhesive rubber squares (to protect the glass from the coop).  I had a local glass company cut a piece of glass for the table top.  My husband was actually the one who affixed the casters to the coop with screws, not because I wasn’t capable but because I was working on another project.Chic Chicken Coop Table 4This was super simple and will make a great conversation piece in my sister’s sunroom!

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