Celebrate the 2012 Summer Olympic Games

There are lots of ways to show your patriotism and get into the spirit of the Olympics.  With the Summer Games coming up, we thought that we would revisit some of our past posts to share some ideas for just that.

Host your own backyard Olympics

  The Summer Olympics always involve lots of water, so why not try a water-themed Olympic party?  Check out our Backyard Water War post for some ideas.  Add some gold medals for all the winners!

Dress the part

Sport your all-American flair with some red, white, and blue.  Visit our Tie-Dye T-shirts post to get all the how-tos.

Do a little research

Many kiddos know about the sports part of the Olympics, but don’t know the history behind them.  Do a little research on the Web to find some interesting facts about the Games or about London, the host city.  Then share them with your little ones, or display them at your very own Olympics party.  For ideas on how to display these cool facts, check out our ALOHA-Goodbye School, Hello Summer post.

Keep up-to-date with all the events and results

There are some great websites out there dedicated to the Olympics.  And it’s not hard to find them right now!  Whether you want to know when your favorite event will be televised or you want to get the low-down on your favorite Olympians, information is just a click away.  Visit www.nbcolympics.com to stay on top of things.



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