Felt Fortune Cookies

We made this craft at our MOPS group and our kids really loved opening them up.


  • felt
  • chenilles
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • fun filler (cute notes, candy, etc.)

Cut felt to desired diameter (3-4 inches is great).  I made mine 3 1/2 inches because that is the diameter of our drinking glasses – they made the perfect tracing tool.Trim chenilles to the same diameter and hot glue in the center of each circle.     Once the glue has dried, fold the circle over the chenille. 

Bend along the chenille AWAY from the arch to form the fortune cookie.  Fill with cute notes or sweet treats.  Perfect for your kiddos or your sweetheart!



Party Balloon Headband

You loved our Fun and Fancy Flip Flops for less than $2, now love (and “LIKE” and by all means “PIN”) our Party Balloon Headband.Party Balloon Headband Olive 2

This head band was made for less than $2 and is so cute.  I used water balloons and a wire headband (all from the $1 store of course).  Balloon HeadbandSimply tie the balloons in knots around the headband until desired look is reached and voila – an adorable headband for the birthday girl (or a super-fun birthday party guest!).Party Balloon Headband Olive 1

Sock Wreath for Valentine’s Day

This wreath cost about $7 to create and was made in less than 20 minutes.


  • 1 wicker wreath (this one is 13 inches)
  • 5 pairs of socks (in honor of Valentine’s Day I used red, pink and heart-adorned socks)
  • scissors
  • snips for cutting the wreath
  • a small piece of chenille for a hanger
  • packing tape or other heavy duty tape
  • coordinating ribbon if desired

Step One – Using the snips, cut the wreath to make it possible to slip the socks on.  At the opposite end of the cut, attach the chenille as a hanger.

Step Two – Using scissors, cut the toe out of each sock to form a tube.

Step Three – Slide the socks onto the wreath in your desired pattern.  Use the top of the following sock to cover the cut edge of the sock before it so that the cut edges to not hang out of the finished product.

Step Four – Tape the cut portion of the wreath with tape and adjust the socks as necessary.

Step Five – Add a bow if you wish and display your creation for all to see!

While this wreath has a Valentine’s Day theme, but you can modify it for any holiday or special occasion by finding the perfect footies.

Family Time Capsule

I have always wanted to do a time capsule as a family and FINALLY we did it!  Rather than commemorate large quantities of the world’s events, I chose to have my family reflect on 2013 as it affected our house of seven.Famiy Time CapsuleI used an aluminum cylinder with a lid (it was a Pepperidge Farm pirouette cookies can), wrapped it in printed paper, gave it a couple of labels and donned it with a bow.  Inside were some of our top pics for our family’s year as well as some things I thought would be fun to review in 10 years. It seems like a long way away, but something tells me it will be here before we know it.

Here are a few things we included:

  • Each child’s “signature” and what they each think they will be doing in 10 years.  That’s gonna be fun to look at.
  • A plastic mustache
  • A Rainbow Loom bracelet
  • A picture of all of us in the hospital when Elizabeth was born
  • A paint brush and paint swatch (we had our whole house painted and it took ALL SUMMER!)
  • A picture of Baby George and the young royal family  (the little prince was a big deal in our house since we had a baby this summer too)
  • A Spain flag (our good friends moved there in 2013 and we miss them)
  • + more.

Oh yeah, and printed duck tape was used to seal it up – NO PEEKING!!Family Time Capsule lidHave fun making your own family time capsule and be sure to comment and share your thoughts and ideas.

Chic Side Table Makeover

After our little painting tutorial, Mary and I have been chomping at the bit to try out our new skills!  My mom’s cute side table seemed like the perfect little thing in need of a fix-up.  The table is old (like probably close to 75 years old!) so it needed a little more than paint.  Here’s how I did it.Chic side table before 2


  • Valspar Super Flat paint
  • sand paper (150 grit)
  • Elmer’s wood glue
  • Durham’s Rock Hard water putty
  • Valspar Antiquing Glaze
  • putty knife
  • assorted brushes
  • paste wax

What to Do:

First, I removed the hardware.  Next I gave the little chest a good sanding to rough it up so it would take the paint.  Then I wiped it all down with a damp paper towel.  During this process, I discovered a few things that needed to be fixed.  I secured a broken piece of trim with some wood glue.  And, yes, that is a chip clip clamping it together.  Work with what you’ve got!Chic side table leg fixBecause the chest was so old, I could find any drawer pulls that were the right size.  So I decided to just use single knobs instead.  This meant I had to get rid of 4 holes in the drawers.  I simply followed the directions on the water putty to mix it, then filled the holes and scraped off the excess with my putty knife.  After it dried, I sanded a bit more to even it out.  It worked perfectly!Chic side table puddy holesAfter the glue and putty were dry, I was ready to paint.  I ended up putting 3 coats on to cover the dark wood.  I made sure to use even strokes.Chic side table paintWhen the piece was completely dry, I used the same 150 grit sand paper to rub paint off of the edges.  In the words of my sister, I didn’t want it too shabby but I wanted it “oh, so chic.”Chic side table distress  After my sanding was done, I wiped the chest down again with a damp paper towel to remove the excess dust.  Then I poured a small amount of antiquing glaze into a small paint tray and mixed it with water until it was a much thinner consistency.  I brushed it on with a thin, jagged-ended brush.  If I ever thought that I applied too much, I just went back over it with a wet brush to get the desired effect.  When it was dry, I applied the paste wax and then buffed it off with an old towel.  I let that dry for about 24 hours and then applied the new knobs.chic side table after close upI love how it turned out and, most importantly, so did my mom!Chic side table after

Fabric Flowers

I was in the market for a great hair accessory for my daughter, but I wasn’t willing to pay the going rate of $15-$20 each.  All of the headbands that I seemed to like were made up of fabric flowers.  So I decided to do a little research and attempt to make my own.Fabric Flower material


  • fabric (I used scraps from previous projects.  You could also hit the remnant bin at your local fabric store.)
  • glue gun
  • felt
  • scissors
  • headband, barrette, pin backing (depending on what you want to use your fabric flowers for)

I made 2 different kinds of fabric flowers for my headband–the rosette and the “pouf”.

The Rosette:

I started with a piece of fabric that was about 2 inches wide by 18 inches long.Fabric flower fold 1

I folded it in half and then folded it in half again so the it was about 1/2 inch by 18 inches.  Fabric Flower fold 3

Then I started rolling the fabric to form the bud in the center of the rosette.Fabric Flower fold 5

Once I had made the bud, I started twisting the fabric as I wrapped it.  This gives some texture, dimension, and color variation.

Every so often, I gave it a little shot of hot glue to secure the rosette.  When the rosette is the desired size, fold the tail of the fabric under the rosette and glue to secure.  Trim as needed.

You can adjust the size and thickness to your needs.  I played with this quite a bit before I got the exact look that I was going for.

The Pouf:

I started this one by cutting out a circle of felt that was the desired size.  I then cut out 10-12 circles out of my fabric (tulle, in this case) that were the same size as my felt base.Fabric Flower poof 1

I put a dot of glue in the center of the felt and then attached the first “petal”.Fabric Flower poof 3

I formed the petal by folding the tulle in half and then tucking the edges in to form an hourglass (see photo).Fabric Flower poof 5

I placed the point of the tulle in the glue.  I repeated this 3 more times to cover the felt circle.  I then added another dot of glue and repeated the process with another 4 petals, covering the seams of the first layer.  You can continue this process until you have the desired fullness.  The tulle naturally fluffed up, but if you are using a different fabric you may need to glue a final petal to stick up in the center.Fabric Flower poof 6

Again, play with it until you get the look that you were going for.

NOTE:  I burned my fingers quite a bit working with the tulle.  Cotton might be an easier fabric to start out with.

The Headband:

I picked out a fabric that I wanted to use as the backdrop for my flowers.  Then I cut it to the desired size.  I then cut 2 pieces of felt to the same size as my fabric.Fabric Flower headband 1

The felt is a little more stiff and will support the flowers.  I glued my fabric to one of the pieces of felt.  Then I glued the flowers onto the fabric.  I then arranged the “headpiece” on the headband.Fabric Flower headband 3

I sandwiched the headband between the 2 pieces of felt and glued them together.Fabric Flower headband 4  I trimmed everything up a bit until it looked how I wanted it.Fabric Flower headband Evie

NOTE:  The pink flower with the rhinestone center was actually two shoe adornments that I glued together.  You never know what you might find in your craft supplies!  A similar look could be achieved by cutting out slightly different sized flowers and then layering then on top of each other, securing with hot glue.  Add an embellishment in the center and you’re done!

I plan on trying out some more fabric flower making skills to make some pins.  I think they would look great on a scarf or coat, and they would make great little holiday gifts!


Patriotic Scrap Shirt

This was so easy I made them for the girls while my husband drove to our vacation spot.  I found the cute red tee at Walmart for $4 and used a leftover scrap of patriotic material that I cut into 8 inch strips.Patriotic scrap shirtUsing sharp scissors, I snipped small slits along the bottom of the shirt and then tied the scrap strips around the bottom.  Patriotic scrap shirt - close upThis no-sew project is perfect for kids too and the “raggie” look is adorable!!

God Bless America!!


Fun & Fancy Flip Flops for under $2

This flip-flop makeover is so inexpensive and easy to do you may just find yourself making them for every little girl on the block.

In keeping with our zest for everything thrifty, these flip-flops were purchased at the dollar store for…. you guessed it – $1.00!!!  The bag of 100 ct water balloons were also $1.  FYI, 100 balloons is enough for 4 pairs of these oh-so-cute flip-flops!

Here’s how to make your own:

Tie (with a double tie) water balloons along the thong of each flip-flop.  The ones our girls are wearing have 12-14 balloons per flip-flop.  More balloons = fuller look.

Yeah, we know what you are thinking – “Is that really it???”

Yup, that’s really it.  Enjoy!


Chic Chicken Coop Table

I came across this old chicken coop at an antique store/junk shop.  I immediately knew I wanted to turn it into a coffee table.  My husband was okay with this, as long as it didn’t go in our house.  He thinks we have enough (maybe too much) furniture.Chic Chicken Coop Table 1But I could not stop thinking about.  So, my back-up plan turned out to be even better.  My sister and her husband both work in the poultry industry AND they just bought a new house.  Instant (and very appropriate) housewarming gift!Chic Chicken Coop Table 3

Chic Chicken Coop Table 2I purchased the coop, casters, and some little clear self-adhesive rubber squares (to protect the glass from the coop).  I had a local glass company cut a piece of glass for the table top.  My husband was actually the one who affixed the casters to the coop with screws, not because I wasn’t capable but because I was working on another project.Chic Chicken Coop Table 4This was super simple and will make a great conversation piece in my sister’s sunroom!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with an Unforgettable Bouquet – No need to water.

This simple craft will bring a smile to any Mother’s face.  No need to water.

Supplies Needed

  • green chenille craft sticks
  • colored paper
  • green foam
  • scissors
  • tiny hole punch
  • a vase
  • ribbon

1.  Trace hand prints on colored paper.

2.  Carefully cut around the hand print.


3.  Layer colored paper and use the original hand print cutout at a template.


4.  Repeat as many times as you wish depending on desired bouquet fullness.  Punch a small hole in the bottom of each flower.


5.  Cut leaf shapes out of the green foam and gently poke the chenille through the leaf.  Then, attach the chenille to the hand print through the punched hole.


6.  Neatly arrange in a beautiful vase and adorn with a pretty ribbon.


Happy Mother’s Day