The 10 Second Kiss

Kids, work, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.- where does the hubby fit in?  Don’t settle for a quick peck on the lips as you part ways for the day. Make your kiss last at least 10 seconds so that it lingers on your lips for the rest of the day.

This will take him completely off guard and you can bet that he will still be thinking about you until the next time he sees you.

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Be a Chore Trumper

Show your hubby your love, be a Chore Trumper.  Beat him to his own chore and take one thing off of his to do list for the month.  Perhaps he takes out all the trash in your home.  This month, you wheel out the garbage.  If your husband does the dishes after dinner, you take on dish duty for a few weeks. At first he may be suspicious about your motives, but once he realizes that you are doing this all in the name of love, he may even find himself reciprocating with nice gestures of his own.