Late Night Date Night

Every couple can benefit from the romance of dating again.  However, you may not always be able to leave the house for date night.  Here are a few of the fun ways we nurture our marriages when securing a sitter and spending cash is not on the agenda.

Tuck the kids in bed and enjoy a little alone time……

  1. Snuggle up in bed with ice cream sundaes (avoid being busted by your kids for having food in your bedroom by getting those dishes in the sink before sunrise).
  2. Head out to the deck with a glass of wine in one hand and your hubby’s hand in the other.  Laugh, talk, or just enjoy being together in the quiet.
  3. Grab some chips and salsa and challenge your guy in a game of Scrabble. We don’t recommend keeping score in your marriage, but when it comes to board games, the gloves are off.
  4. Crack open a couple of beers and grab a throw blanket.  Curl up together on the couch and ask each other a few fun questions you may or may not think you know the answers to.  Here is a link to a list of questions we think is great.
  5. If you are like us, you rarely visit the movie theater.  However, this makes selecting a movie through your cable company easy since you haven’t seen anything anyway.  Pop some popcorn and enjoy, and try not to fall asleep.
  6. At dinner time, feed the kids PB&J, a few carrot sticks and apple slices.  When the lights are out, order from your favorite Thai restaurant and enjoy dining together without cutting up food or cleaning up a milk spill.
  7. Just being alone together can bring you closer as a couple.  Tackling a small household project like folding laundry or filing bills together can actually be fun.
  8. You could let your husband plan date night, and you know what that will include – men are pretty easy to please.



National Kiss and Make Up Day

Perhaps we have taken this “made-up-holiday” thing too far, but this is just too sweet to pass up.kissAugust 25th has been declared National Kiss and Make Up Day.  Soooooo, kiss and make up.  And since it happens to fall during Romance Awareness Month (no, we are not making this up), it seems to be the perfect time to plant one on your sweetie.

Books have been published and workshops have been presented on not sweating the small stuff, so if you find yourself at odds with your mate, just kiss and make out (we mean, make UP).  Chances are, you won’t remember what was bugging you after you smooch for a while.  And if you don’t have a beef with your someone special, well kiss him anyway.

If you’ve forgotten how to do it correctly, check out our 10 Second Kiss.

Shirt and Sweet

Happy Father’s Day!

With this “tie-themed” Father’s Day the kids donned ties and made Daddy a card professing that, “When it comes to Great Dads, he has the job all ‘tied up’!”

(Okay, don’t laugh at this pic – it is impossible to get every shot of these four perfect, but their Daddy loves these faces no matter what!)

Make this adorable shirt and tie cake to fit a dad of any size.

You will need:

  • 13×9 cake of your choice, prepared and cooled
  • white frosting (homemade or the canned variety)
  • decorating icing in contrasting color (in the tube)
  • colorful candies for the tie (you could really use any type of candy or icing to decorate…get creative!)
  • shirt box with colorful tissue

Frost the cake with white frosting.  We recommend then putting the cake on a board of some type (we wrapped a piece of cardboard in aluminum foil) to make for an easier transfer to the shirt box lined with tissue paper.  Then decorate the cake with contrasting icing and candies of your choice.  We eye-balled where to draw the collar, tie, and pocket.  Then we filled in our tie with M&Ms for a striped tie effect.

Cute right?

BTW – If you are in need of a great Father’s Day meal, check out our Steak and Potatoes. You will love how it keeps you out of a hot kitchen.

Lawn Mower Cupcakes

Whether you are celebrating Father’s Day or have a little one obsessed with yard work (like my son, Gavin), these cupcakes are sure to “cut” it.Lawnmower CupcakesWhat you will need:

  • Chocolate Cake Mix (as well as the ingredients to prepare cupcakes according to the directions on the box)
  • Vanilla Frosting & Green Food Coloring (mix to desired shade of “grass green”)
  • Hershey’s Chocolate Nuggets
  • M & Ms
  • Shoe String Licorice

Using the ingredients above, assemble according to the pictures.Lawnmower Cupcakes close upHappy Father’s Day!!

The Man Plan Week 5

Week 5 and still going strong……

1.  Leave love notes.  Whether you stick a post-it note on the dash of his car or write a message on the bathroom mirror while he is in the shower, let your guys know what he means to you by putting it in writing.

2.   Please the belly, please the man.  The old adage states that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so make your husband his favorite meal or surprise him with the desert of his dreams.  Our Over The Top Chocolate Cake is a winner!!

“I Love You” Frame

I first saw this little gift at a bridal shower.  It is a sweet and simple gift to remind your main squeeze or your kiddos just how much they mean to you.

You really just need a picture frame of your choice, some paper (as plain or fancy as you’d like), and a means of creating the words.  You could use markers, adhesive letters, letter stamps, or you could run your paper through the printer.  I chose some pretty scrapbook paper and the printer method.  Then just cut your paper to size, insert it into the frame and replace the backing.

Just use a dry-erase marker to express your sweet sentiments.  It will wipe clean with a dry cloth and you can do it again and again.

It’s the little things that matter!

Now show a little love!

The Man Plan Week 4

Here is Week 4 of The Man Plan:

Embrace his passion -  Encourage your husband to participate in one of his favorite activities (guilt-free) that he might not do as often as he would like.  Maybe he used to love playing cards with the guys, hitting the court for a little pick-up basketball, or reading the entire newspaper (uninterrupted).

Ditch a dislike -   Get rid of one item of your clothing that your husband particularly hates.  This might be some ratty old sweatpants, granny panties, or a turtle-neck sweater.  Don’t freak out…we just said one item.  You don’t have to purge your whole underwear drawer!  This might even be fun for you, especially if you treat yourself to a replacement item.

The Man Plan Week 3

Here is week three of “The Man Plan”.

Give your guy a little down time after work – Many of us have a tendency to meet our husbands at the door with a list of to-dos, issues, and questions.  But maybe he would rather have a few minutes to change out of his work clothes, wrestle with the kids, or sit down and talk to you.  Be conscious of what he wants this transitional time to look like.  Yes, this sounds a little June Cleaver, but having everyone in a good mood will set you up for a great evening.

Brag about your man – Tell someone something great about your guy.  This could be something that he recently did or a quality that you admire in him.  Score extra points by telling him what you said and to whom you said it.  It is okay to be proud of your guy and brag on him every now and then…there are reasons why you are still with him, after all.  Avoid bashing him, even when friends are saying some not-so-nice things about their own husbands.  Everyone should have a chance to vent, but don’t join in just to make conversation.

The Man Plan Week 2

Here is week two of “The Man Plan”.

Tantalizing Texts & Exotic E-mails – Imagine his surprise when your hubby gets a text from you and it says something racy rather than a reminder to grab a gallon of milk on the way home.Relinquish the remote (but don’t leave the room) – We don’t want to watch sports every night or sit through rerun after rerun of This Old House.  Also, our husbands don’t want to watch another wedding reality show or episode of The Kardashians, but we do want to spend some time together.  In the name of “The Man Plan”, give in and get cozy.  Who knows, you might like hockey!

Have fun loving your guy!!


The Man Plan

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we have decided to dedicate the next five weeks to giving great ideas for spoiling the man in your life in an effort to show him just what he means to you and your family.  That’s right FIVE weeks!!  This will be “The Man Plan”.

Week 1 

  • Resist the urge to gripe.  Make an effort NOT to complain about your guy’s faults (especially to him)
  • Buy a little something just for him.  Perhaps his favorite dessert, a new pair of work gloves, or if you really want to go all out, a little secret from Victoria’s.

If you want a few literary resources, you can pick up a copy of:  The Love Dare or The Husband Project.