Mouths of Babes

Just when I thought my boys had the winning funny comments surrounding my pregnancy, Holly’s daughter Evie got on the bandwagon.

Expanding Waist Lines:

  • Gavin (to Evie) – “My Mommy is having a baby.”
  • Evie (after looking me up and down for a moment) – “When I see you tomorrow, you will be fat.”

Judgmental Kindergartener:

Scene – Me (9 months pregnant) sitting in a beach chair with Evie next to me, eye level with my belly.  The baby begins to move and Evie can see my belly undulating.

  • Evie – “The baby eats what you eat?”
  • Me – “Yes.”
  • Evie – “Can babies have candy?  ‘Cuz I saw you eat candy.”
  • Me – Laugh
  • Evie – (looking over the bridge of her nose) “I saw you eat ice cream too.  Are babies supposed to eat ice cream?”
  • Me – Laugh
  • Evie – “Maybe there isn’t a baby in your belly.”
  • Me – “Well, there is something in there.”
  • Evie – “Maybe it’s all the food you’ve been eating.”


Here is the little pre-natal dietitian and her newest little “cousin”.



Wise Beyond His Years

Yesterday afternoon, a discussion began in our car concerning marriage.  It began with the question of what title to use for certain people (Mr., Mrs., Miss, etc.).  The conversation evolved into how old you had to be to get married, how old was too old to get married, who certain people should marry, and so on.  Cole, my 6 year old, chimed in with the following astute observation.

Cole:  When you are a teenager and you have a crush on a girl, (pause), and then you have a crush on another girl, (pause), you have to keep that a secret.

Me:  Oh, really?  Who told you that?

Cole:  No one.  I just know.

Mama’s body is changin’

Grant (5) and Gavin (4)

Now that I am 15 weeks pregnant with baby #5, my body is changing.  These changes have not gone unnoticed by my four other children, especially the boys.

Funny #1

  • Grant – “Mommy, your boobies are getting so big!”
  • Me (Mary) – “Well, when a mommy is going to have a baby, her boobies fill up with milk so she can feed the baby once it is born.”
  • Grant – “You are just like a cow!”
  • Me (Mary) – “Yeah, just like that.”

Funny #2

  • Gavin walks by while I am folding my husbands jeans.
  • Gavin (marveling at the width of the pants) – “Whoa!”
  • Me ( Mary) – “These are Daddy’s jeans.”
  • Gavin – “Oh, they were so ginormous, I thought they were yours”
  • Me (Mary) – Nice.


Everyone appreciates a good bath!

Mary’s son, Gavin has a special stuffed animal named Brown Dog and Holly’s daughter Evie has a treasured mate named Geraldine (a pink giraffe). Holly recently gave Geraldine a bath.

When asked what he thought Brown Dog would say to Geraldine about her new look, Gavin replied in a rather “Barry White” tone of voice, “Hey, good lookin’!”.