Spin Art Stars

With a few dabs of paint and a little elbow grease, you can transform ordinary shapes into something spectacular!  Spin Art!  So clever!


  • kid-friendly craft paint
  • salad spinner
  • desired shapes cut out of card stock (our kids used stars to celebrate a Tie-Dye 4th of July.  The stars were made out of old invitations and cards – go green!)

Place shape in the bottom of salad spinner.  Put basket insert over the shape.  Drop or squirt paint onto the basket liner.  If your paint is thick, you may want to thin it a bit with water. 

Attach the salad spinner lid and spin away. 

Our kids did this craft themselves, so the “spun” look got a bit messy, but the end result was still very pretty and they had a ball.  This is traditionally a minimal mess craft, but 3 year old boys tend to make everything messy.  The less you handle the shapes after spinning, the more likely they are to keep the “spun” look.  We didn’t care about that – we were in it for the FUN!See how we used these stars in our Tye-Dye 4th of July Garland



Tie-dye T-shirts

What would a Tie-dye 4th of July be without tie-dyed t-shirts?  In red, white, and blue, of course!  We’re not reinventing the wheel here.  We just bought a tie-dye kit and some plain white t-shirts from the local big box store and got to work.

Our kit did not call for the traditional soaking in soda ash, which made the process a little simpler.  It also had great instructions for how to achieve some specific tie-dye looks.  The fun is in the folding, gathering, and rubber-banding of the material.  Get creative, and you’ll be pleased with the results.  The great part is that there are no rules in tie-dye and kids dig it!

When you are ready to apply the dye, be sure to use lots of trash bags to protect surfaces.  Be sure to saturate the fabric with the dye for a vibrant effect.

 Follow the instructions for rinsing, washing, and drying your shirts.  Soon enough, you’ll be rockin’ your very own tie-dyed 4th of July t-shirts!

Colorful Mexican Paper Flowers

My girls flipped when they saw these bursts of color in the shape of giant flowers.  We used a variety of primary colors to celebrate our Cinco de Mayo Taco Bar, but if you are making them for other occasions you can go with a monochromatic color scheme (i.e. these paper flowers in shades of pink and red are adorable for Valentine’s Day).

Supplies (makes 1 flower):

  • 6 sheets of tissue paper
  • 1 chenille
  • scissors

Start by stacking the 6 sheets of tissue paper evenly on top of each other, matching up the corners as best as you can.  We made large flowers using standard full sheets of tissue.  For smaller blossoms, use 6 inch tissue squares.

At one end begin folding the paper accordion style in 1 inch folds to the other end (use 1/2 inch folds for smaller flowers).

Once the paper is folded, scallop the ends with a pair of scissors.  Two small scallops should do the trick.

Fasten a chenille around the center of the folded paper.

Gently separate the layers of paper to create the flower petals.

Muy Bonita!