Paper Plate Fish

We stole this idea from Vacation Bible School this year.  These are super cute (and CRAZY easy!) and are sure to liven up any fish or beach-themed party.Paper plate fish 1To make these fish all you need is a handful of paper plates, googly eyes, glue and scissors.  Cut a triangle out of the plate and glue it to the outer edge of the plate across from the cut.  Attach an eye and swim on!

Make Your Own Toy Bow and Arrow

My boys are always fashioning bows and arrows out of various things found in the yard and in our house.  While their efforts are admirable, they rarely succeed in making anything that can actually hit a target.  UNTIL NOW!Bow and Arrow

Supplies:Bow and Arrow supplies

  • string
  • scissors
  • a flexible ruler (it needs to have a hole at each end)
  • a pencil (preferably one that has never been sharpened)

First, cut a piece of string 1 1/2 times longer than the ruler.  Then, tie a knot through one end the ruler.Bow and Arrow prep 1Flex/bend the ruler a little to form an arch and attach the other end of the string to the other hole in the ruler (little hands may need a helper with this part).Bow and Arrow prep2And there you have it!  Now use the pencil to fire away!Bow and Arrow set up

 Bow and Arrow


Patriotic Windsock

These cute decorations can be made by your kids and used on Memorial Day, July 4th, or any other time you’re feeling particularly patriotic.2012 thru 2013 1988 (2)

Materials (all in red, white, or blue):

  • empty toilet paper roll
  • paint
  • paintbrush or sponge
  • crepe paper or curling ribbon
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • chenilles
  • glue
  • tape

To Make:

First, paint the toilet paper roll.  While it’s drying, cut various sized stars out of the construction paper.  Tape or glue the stars to the dry toilet paper roll.  Cut the crepe paper into thin strips and tape inside one opening of the toilet paper roll to make your windsock streamers.  In the other end, punch holes on opposite sides and thread the chenille through to create a hanger.  Hang outside whenever you are feeling patriotic!


Easy Girl Scout Sit Upons

My girls are attending camp this summer with their Girl Scout troop.  So, I rustled up a few available Brownies and Juniors to make easy sit upons.  These little gems were pennies to make since I found the tablecloths at the Family Dollar and used ribbon and duck tape from our craft stash.Sit Upons 2Supplies:Sit upon materials

  • Vinyl Tablecloths (the kind with the felt backing)
  • Duck Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or Seamstress’ Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Needle and Thread (OPTIONAL)

I had the girls do their own measuring as to not miss out on a learning opportunity.  They made 15×15″ square sit upons.  Some chose to have the same print on both the back and the front, while other girls mixed and matched.  All were adorable!Sit Upon measuringLine up the squares back to back.  Using the duck tape, seal the edges.Sit Upon taping 1Sit Upon taping 2We added a ribbon so the sit upons could be bundled or wrapped.

Cut a 15″ length of ribbon and using a needle and thread, attach the ribbon to the center of the sit upon.  For a no-sew version, use duck tape to secure the ribbon.Sit Upon ribbonI chose not to have the girls fill them with padding such as newspaper so that they would fold better.  They fold to a tiny 5″ x 2 1/2″. Sit Upons 5Sit Upons 6Sit Upons in pocketSit Upons girls 3Now, just “sit upon” it!!


Scuba Diver Eggs

Give your Easter eggs their own scuba gear with this adorable idea.  Egg - Scuba Diver 2Ingredients:

  • hard boiled eggs (or you can use plastic eggs and skip the dyeing)
  • egg dye (not needed if you are using plastic eggs)
  • “bendy” straws
  • rubber bands
  • foam
  • water bottle caps
  • 3/4″ round label stickers
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

Egg- Scuba Diver

Dye the lower half of the egg desired color (if you are using plastic eggs, mix the tops and bottoms for a better look).  Using the foam, cut out silly feet shapes for each egg.  Place rubber band at the top of the dyed part of the egg.  Cut bendy straws to desired length.  Place label on the cap and add eyes.  Hot glue the straw to the side of the egg.  Hot glue the feet to the bottom and finally hot glue the cap to the front.  Now your egg is ready for diving.  Cute right?!

Lollipops Petal Valentines

Arrange these in a tiny vase or personalize each one for the children in your little one’s class.  Minimal materials and inexpensive sweet treats make this a fantastic option for spreading a little love on Valentine’s Day.Supplies

  • DumDum Lollipops
  • construction paper or printed scrapbooking paper
  • a heart stencil (or just wing it!)
  • small hole punch
  • scissors

Trace and cut out 4 hearts per flower.  Fold each heart in half and make a crease.  Line up the points of the hearts and punch a hole through all four hearts.  Slide the lollipop through the holes.  Depending on the size of your hole, you may or may not need to use a little tape on the back on the petals to keep them from slipping around. If you are serving these to a group, they also look adorable displayed on styrofoam wrapped in coordinating paper.

Happy LOVE Day!!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with an Unforgettable Bouquet – No need to water.

This simple craft will bring a smile to any Mother’s face.  No need to water.

Supplies Needed

  • green chenille craft sticks
  • colored paper
  • green foam
  • scissors
  • tiny hole punch
  • a vase
  • ribbon

1.  Trace hand prints on colored paper.

2.  Carefully cut around the hand print.


3.  Layer colored paper and use the original hand print cutout at a template.


4.  Repeat as many times as you wish depending on desired bouquet fullness.  Punch a small hole in the bottom of each flower.


5.  Cut leaf shapes out of the green foam and gently poke the chenille through the leaf.  Then, attach the chenille to the hand print through the punched hole.


6.  Neatly arrange in a beautiful vase and adorn with a pretty ribbon.


Happy Mother’s Day



There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!

Everyone remembers the tale of the old lady who swallowed the fly (along with a few other animals).  This adorable book, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves written by Lucille Colandro and illustrated by Jared Lee, is a cheeky, fall-themed twist on a classic children’s story.Read this silly story to your little ones and hear them giggle as the old lady swallows leaves, a pumpkin, a shirt, a pair of pants, a pole and a few other items.  All these things cause her to sneeze.  (Don’t ruin it for your children, but the lady’s sneeze makes a SCARECROW!) Here is an adorable craft you can do with your kids after reading the book.


  • 1 skewer
  • glue
  • orange and black craft foam (or if you luck out you can score some foam jack-o-lantern craft kits after Halloween)
  • printed/colored foam or paper for the shirt, pants, and leaves
  • We used leaf stickers for the leaves (only because we had them – the cut out leaves are just as cute)
  • yarn

Cut out the pumpkin, shirt, pants and leaves from desired foam and/or paper.  With the help of craft glue, assemble the scarecrow.   Finish him off with a yarn belt.

Cardboard Cuties

We don’t know about you, but we go through a lot of toilet paper and paper towels in our households.  Our kiddos love to turn the cardboard tubes into binoculars and telescopes.  But, with the help of Mary’s 3 year old, we found a new way to repurpose them before sending them to the recycle bin.


  • cardboard tubes of varying sizes
  • discarded (kid-friendly) magazines
  • scissors
  • glue, glue sticks, and/or tape
  • chenilles, googly eyes, pom-poms, and any other crafty item you have handy


Have your child pick out various items from the magazines to “dress” his cardboard tube.  He will need a face, shirt, pants, etc.  You may need to assist with the cutting if your kiddo isn’t too savvy with scissors.  Then just glue the items onto the tube.  Adorn with any other crafty items.  There are really no rules with this project.  Just have fun!

The puppet show inspired by Gavin’s creation was hysterical!

Evie’s mom and daughter duo inspire a dance party.

Tie-Dye Filter Craft

This just might be our cheapest craft yet!!

All you need is coffee filters, markers, and a spray bottle to create beautiful tie-dye creations.

Simply flatten out the filter and create your own work of art.

We had our kids use red and blue markers for our Tie-Dye 4th of July, but you can do rainbow colors or whatever the artist in you decides.

Once your design is complete, spray lightly with water (too much water will wash out the entire design – the littler kids proved that to be true) and let dry.The more color, the brighter the design.

         See how we used these filters to create a beautiful tie-dye garland for our

Tie-Dye 4th of July fun.