Free Food-palooza

Chick fil A post 2What do Halley’s Comet, a total lunar eclipse, and this Friday have in common?  They only happen every so many years.

That’s right, this Friday, July 11 is the day you can get free food at Chick-fil-a AND a free Slurpee at 7-Eleven.  Okay, maybe it’s not quite as impressive as a lunar eclipse (but almost!).  Click on the images below to get all the rules and regulations for this Friday’s events.  And enjoy the free treats.  You know we will!



Revive a Planter

After planting all we could in my standard pots (I always have two on my front porch and 3 on the back patio) I found myself with a few scraggly plants leftover.  Not wanting to throw them out, the kids and I went fishing around the back of the shed.  Emily spotted a few old pots looking more like candidates for the recycling bin than vessels suitable for a centerpiece.  TOTAL COST OF THE PROJECT – $0.00!!Revive a Planter 1I grabbed the bowl-shaped one and using some old spray paint that I had in the basement,  I breathed at least one more year of life into an old planter.  And, I didn’t let any flowers go to waste.Revive a Planter 2First I cleaned the pot with soap and water and let in dry in the sun.  Then, I sprayed 3 very light coats of spray paint onto the pot. Revive a Planter 3Once the paint was dry, I filled it with some potting soil and the last remaining plants I had and voila!Revive a Planter 4 - beautifulLet nothing go to waste if you can give it a little TLC!

Check out the frame I sprayed a couple of years ago with the same can of spray paint, turning it from drab to fab!

Lantern Makeover

Lantern makeover before

I found these great lanterns on sale at the end of the summer season.  I paid around $50 for the trio.  I liked the looks of them, but the colors weren’t really my style.  Don’t get me wrong, they would have looked perfect on some fun and funky front porch.  However, my house is not really fun and funky…more like very traditional.  But with a can of spray paint, I got what I wanted! Lantern makeover 2

Go Green (and Cheap) Window Cleaner

Spring Cleaning has just been made easier and less expensive…….

Here is a great recipe for a Go Green (and Cheap) Window Cleaner that is sure to let in all of the spring sunshine.


  • 4 cups water
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 squirt of dish detergent

Mix ingredients in an empty spray bottle and spray onto window pane.  Use paper towels (or if you really want to go green, you can use old newspapers) to wipe the surface clean.

This earth friendly mixture can also be used for counter tops and appliances.  I have also used it to clean every surface in my bathrooms as well as deodorize the concrete floor in the unfinished part of my basement.Voila!!

Easter Egg Wreath

Wreaths like this retail for $30-$40.  I made mine for less than $10!!Easter Egg Wreath 2 (3)

Easter Egg Wreath 2 (1)Supplies:

  • 1 styrofoam wreath
  • hot glue gun
  • approx. 72 plastic eggs
  • paper Easter basket grass
  • decorative ribbon

Fire up that glue gun and start hot-gluing on those eggs.  The key is to keep them as close together as possible.  After your first layer, go back and add eggs to cover up the holes.  Repeat the process until the majority of the wreath is not visible from the front.  Where small gaps still exists, add a dollop of glue and attach a few strands of paper grass to add a bit more whimsy. Easter Egg Wreath 3 Hang and enjoy!


DIY Chalk Paint

You know how we love chalkboard paint, but have you heard of chalk paint?  It’s the paint that makes prep work unnecessary.  You can purchase it already made (at upwards of $30 or $40 per quart!) or you can follow our quick tutorial for a much less expensive, and equally beautiful, option.

I purchased this soon-to-be adorable bookshelf from a consignment shop, and was able to get a solid wood shelf for the same price as what a particle board shelf would have cost me at a big box store.  I bought a sample size (1 cup) paint color at Lowe’s for about $3.Chalk Paint shelf before


  • 1 cup paint color of your choice
  • 1/2 cup Plaster of Paris
  • 1/2 cup water
  • brush or sponge applicator
  • paste waxChalk Paint supplies

Simply mix the Plaster of Paris with the water until you achieve a smooth consistency.  Mix together with the paint.  I recycled a gallon milk jug for this project by cutting off the side.  Now paint as you normally would.Chalk Paint process

No sanding required!  I did three coats of white to cover the dark wood of this piece.  I chose not to antique the piece, but you could go over the edges with some sandpaper to achieve a worn, chippy look.Chalk Paint wax

When your project is dry, wax it with the paste wax using a soft cloth following the directions on the can of wax.  You may want to wear gloves for this part or you’ll have really water repellent hands!Chalk Paint completeI love the result!

July Bargains

This is a great week for saving!  From food and drink to clothes and housewares, check these out for great deals!

Start your weekend extra early with a free small Slurpee from 7-Eleven.  Thursday, 7/11 (get it?) slide on into 7-Eleven for a free slushy treat.  Visit the website for more details.  7-Eleven Day!


This Friday, 7/12 is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A.  Dress like a cow and get a free menu item or an entire meal!  Check out the website to see the costume criteria.  Eat More Chicken!44986-hi-CADVertCowColor[1]Give a child the gift of reading and get some shopping bucks in return.  Now thru July 21, your $3 donation will help Reading is Fundamental put a book in a child’s hands.  Plus, it earns you a $10 coupon towards $50 of Macy’s merchandise.  Check out the website for the fine print.  Be Book Smart!rif[1] So get out there and save!

Fun & Fancy Flip Flops for under $2

This flip-flop makeover is so inexpensive and easy to do you may just find yourself making them for every little girl on the block.

In keeping with our zest for everything thrifty, these flip-flops were purchased at the dollar store for…. you guessed it – $1.00!!!  The bag of 100 ct water balloons were also $1.  FYI, 100 balloons is enough for 4 pairs of these oh-so-cute flip-flops!

Here’s how to make your own:

Tie (with a double tie) water balloons along the thong of each flip-flop.  The ones our girls are wearing have 12-14 balloons per flip-flop.  More balloons = fuller look.

Yeah, we know what you are thinking – “Is that really it???”

Yup, that’s really it.  Enjoy!


Celebrate Mother’s Day with an Unforgettable Bouquet – No need to water.

This simple craft will bring a smile to any Mother’s face.  No need to water.

Supplies Needed

  • green chenille craft sticks
  • colored paper
  • green foam
  • scissors
  • tiny hole punch
  • a vase
  • ribbon

1.  Trace hand prints on colored paper.

2.  Carefully cut around the hand print.


3.  Layer colored paper and use the original hand print cutout at a template.


4.  Repeat as many times as you wish depending on desired bouquet fullness.  Punch a small hole in the bottom of each flower.


5.  Cut leaf shapes out of the green foam and gently poke the chenille through the leaf.  Then, attach the chenille to the hand print through the punched hole.


6.  Neatly arrange in a beautiful vase and adorn with a pretty ribbon.


Happy Mother’s Day