Bunny Wreath

Bunny Wreath complete

I have seen cute wreaths like this one, and I have thought, “I could make that”.  So I did!Bunny Wreath supplies 1


  • 2 different sized grapevine wreaths (size depends on how big you want your bunny)
  • grapevine garland
  • white and pink beaded garland
  • wide ribbon
  • floral wire, rubber bands, or other fasteners

How to:

I started by wiring my white beaded garland to my grapevine wreaths.  You could fasten the wreaths together first though.Bunny Wreath garland on grapevine

Then I cut 2 (18 inch) lengths of grapevine garland and bent them into ear shapes.  I fastened them with large rubber bands, but you could also use wire.Bunny Wreath ears 2

  Then I attached the pink beaded garland to the ear shapes.  I have seen this done in all white, but I thought the pink was cute for the ears.  Next I wired the two wreaths together and then attached the ears to the top of the smaller wreath with wire.  Lastly, I made a bow for my bunny and used wire to affix it on his “neck”.Bunny Wreath close up

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