Better Bake Sale

Bake sales have been a popular (and lucrative) hot spot at fundraisers for years.  The elementary school our children attend has included a bake sale at its Fall Festival and Winter Wonderland events since their inception.  When asked if we would help, we decided to kick things up a notch.  Bake Sale - fall 3Adding seasonal decorations around the baked goods attracts the eye.Bake Sale - fall 1Using glass cake domes and lidded trifle dishes make the treats more appealing.  Also, offering whole cakes and pies for sale generates more money and is a popular item during the holidays.Bake Sale - fall 5Bake Sale - fall 6Bake Sale - fall 7

Our Winter Wonderland Bake Sale rivaled Santa’s Bakery

Store bought cookies have bakery appeal when nestled in a large glass hurricane.Bake Sale - holiday 12Use a paper straw to anchor a sign.Bake Sale - holiday 4Everything seems more delectable when displayed with pizazz!Bake Sale - holiday 2Bake Sale - holiday 5Cake Pops are always a hit and make a colorful display.Bake Sale - holiday 8

Bake Sale - holiday 11Look in the background.  I brought a white bookshelf from home to display more baked goods as well as wrapping supplies.  Customers wishing to take their treats home could have them beautifully boxed or bagged at no extra charge (we even tied it with a pretty ribbon just for fun).

Add height by using stools, baskets, pedestals, trays and buckets.  Displaying items in a variety of elevations adds visual interest and beauty to your table.

In the end, the goal is to make money for your cause.  Hopefully with these tips and ideas, your efforts will draw a crowd anxious to satisfy everyone’s  sweet tooth.

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