Beautiful Boxwood Wreaths

Every year, Mary hosts a Wreath-Making Brunch.  She invites friends over for a fun morning of chatting, eating, and wreath-making.  For a lot of us, this day has come to signify the start of the holiday season.  After all, once you make your wreath you have to hang it up…let the decorating begin!  Our wreath of choice is the boxwood wreath, as our yards are full of the plentiful greenery.  For as much as you see these wreaths sold for, you would think that they are difficult to make.  Not true!  Even a novice can tackle this project, and the product looks amazing!


  • straw wreath (any size, but we like 18-20 inches for the front door)
  • plenty of boxwood branches (simply break off full clusters from existing boxwood bushes you or a friend may have in your yard)
  • greening pins (u-shaped wire floral pins)
  • chenille
  • magnolia leaves,
  • heavy-duty scissors or snips
  • decorative ribbon


First, be sure to leave the plastic wrapping on your straw wreath form.  This will make it much easier to work with.  Make a loop with your chenille and secure it to your wreath with a greening pin or two.  This will be your wreath hanger.  Using your greening pins, secure magnolia leaves to the same side that your hanger is on.  This will be the back of your wreath.  Work backwards so that you are covering up the pins as you go.  The magnolia leaves will protect your door and make a pretty backside if you are hanging the wreath on a glass door or window.Now turn your wreath over.  Begin affixing the bunches of boxwood to the wreath with the greening pins.  Again, you will want to work backwards to cover the pins as you go.  Cover the entire front of your wreath and then you can use the same method for the inside and outside surfaces until you don’t see any of the straw.  Fill in as needed.You may need to give your wreath a “haircut” to tame any stray sprigs of boxwood.  Once you have evened things out, you are ready to add a bow and display your beautiful project.

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