Backyard Water War

We love having our kids home all summer, and we don’t want to keep them cooped up in the house when the temperatures soar.  You can cool off during the dog days of summer without even leaving your yard with some great water activities.  Here are some of our favorites.

Beach Ball Blaster

Use whatever water squirters you have around the house and an inflatable beach ball for this fun game.  Simply establish a starting line and a finish line and have your kiddos work together to get the ball to the goal while only using water pressure.

Sponge Brigade

We used the big carwashing sponges for this crowd-pleaser.  Start with an empty bucket at one end and a full bucket at the other.  Have the kids start at the end with the full bucket, and use nothing but the sponge to fill the empty bucket.  They’ll be working as a team before you know it!


There’s nothing fancy about this one.  A plain, old garden sprinkler will do unless you have something cuter!  Just turn it on and let ‘em run!

Soupy Slingshot

We drew a big target on a folded up shower curtain liner and hung it on the fence.  We were able to find some slingshots (with water-friendly shots included) at the dollar store.  The kids took turns firing their shot at the target.  You can also let the kiddos use water guns or squirters to aim at the bullseye.

Bubble Bopper

A battery-operated bubble blower makes this game lots of fun.  But if you don’t have one, someone can blow the bubbles while others bop them with fly swatters.  Some of the older kids decided to use the fly swatters as bubble wands, too.

In addition to the games we had set up, we had plenty of water guns, squirters, sponges, water bombs, and water frisbees sitting around so kids could be spontaneous.  And moms, don’t forget to wear your bathing suits, too!  With all this water flying around, you are bound to get wet.  And it will feel so good!

Cool Treat

Before the party we placed frozen ice pops in a bucket of ice and snipped the tops off.  Then we put the bucket back in the freezer.  When it was time for a treat no one had to wait to have their pop opened.  One of our little wet friends said, “That is a lovely display” (you gotta love kids).Now, go get wet!!

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