Anti-choking Helper

My older children are always holding something up and asking, “Can Elizabeth have this?”  Right when I think they have gotten the idea of what items are safe for a 7 month old to play with, one of them brings me a Lego minifigure.  Uhhhh.  No.  She most certainly CANNOT have that!Anti-choking helper 3I am blessed to have such great helpers (aka – the kiddos), but they are still under the age of 10 and have a lot to learn about safety.  This “anti-choking helper” acts as a gauge by which items can be evaluated by the kids.  Keep in mind, I still insist they check with me, but this little tube rules out a lot of guessing on their part.

The “helper”? – A good-old toilet paper roll.  Decorating it is just silly, but it does make it more fun.

Here’s the rule:  If an item fits completely inside the tube without sticking out, it IS a choking hazard and must not be given to a baby or toddler.Anti-choking helper 1 See?  Items on the left are a no-no and the items on the right get a thumbs up.


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