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4 thoughts on “Advertise With Us!

  1. Hi Mary and Holly…..Your website is wonderful!!! Thanks for sharing….. No wonder your children are such marvelous kids!!! I will pass your website onto others. Maybe you should write a book next!

  2. Hi Mary and Holly,

    I am new to your site and really enjoying it so far. I was wondering if either of you has any tips about packing lunches for preschool? We are not allowed to do peanut butter and they will not heat any food. I have to send it with a cooler pack and just need a few ideas. I was planning on sending lots of separate items my daughter loves but would love a few more suggestions.

    Thanks fo doing this site. Am super impressed with everything on here!


    • Thanks for the compliments Nicky and welcome to our site. We featured a post in August called Brown Bag It. It has lots of our favorite lunch pics that are suitable for pre-schoolers and beyond. Keep it simple. Try a cheese stick, a few crackers, a couple of carrot sticks and a few grapes. Keep it balanced, but avoid packing too much. You can even include a little treat like a couple Hershey kisses or a tablespoon of mini-marshmallows. Water is best for a drink as milk tends to get gross and juice is just a lot of sugar. Enjoy and let us know what else you would like to see – we aim to please!

  3. Hi girls!

    I just received my prize via “special delivery”!!! Thank you so much!! I love it …….and I love your site!! :)


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