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Holly and Mary have been friends since they were each pregnant with their first babies.  In the years that followed, they each had 4 kids in 4 years.  Conveniently, they are neighbors with only a beautiful span of grass separating their families.

With a shared love of everything to do with motherhood (okay, except for baby food), a passion for cooking, a desire to craft and DIY, a realistic approach to life, a respect for budgeting, and the will to be happily married and find joy in all that life has to offer, they have created Where Do We Find The Time to share their best ideas.

Holly has been happily married to her high-school sweetheart for 11 years.  She is the mother of four fantastic kids who keep her on her toes.  She often finds herself looking skyward to both pray for just a little more patience and to give thanks for little daily miracles (i.e. finding two matching socks).  She loves spending time with family and friends, reading with her kids (and occasionally by herself), and chocolate.  Holly’s dislikes include whining and anything dressed in mayonnaise.

Mary is the proud mother of four sensational kiddos and has been married to her wonderful husband (and biggest fan) for 10 years. She considers herself blessed to be living her dream-life.   Mary loves a great workout and snuggling with her family.  She has a hard time saying “No” when her children ask if they can play outside or if she will read them a book.  Mary detests candy necklaces and when things get stuck to the bottom of her socks – eew!  Mary finds peace through prayer and is quite certain God created the beach and chocolate so that she can experience heaven on earth.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Mary and Holly,

    Mary, Your Aunt Kathy sent me your new baby (site). Awsome! Can’t wait to share it will all MY friends for them to share with their daughters and daughters-in law….and for them to share with all their friends ! tee-hee.

    I’ll be checking in regularly!!!


  2. Love your new site! Looks great and I’ve already used your recipes and ideas several times! Will be sharing this with everyone!

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